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There is no comfort when you spend a day in pain due to someone negligence. At the DeSalvo Law office we are committed to ensuring you live a life full of happiness after an accident. The joy after a tragedy is to see the person behind you agony pay dearly for the mistake he or she contributed. Why shoulder all the burden alone, spend less, conserve you energy and get justice instantly.

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Feel free to speak to us no matter the nature of accident that befall you, whether medical malpractice or car accident. When you turn on us rest assured you will be fully compensated. Often, insurance companies will look for ways to avoiding compensating, if not careful your effort may go unrewarded. Prior to approaching your insurance company, we recommend you visit our offices. After hearing you out, we advise you on the best way forward, most important, we ensure that at the end you are fully compensated. Choosing our team of professional lawyers to work on your case is a guarantee that you will take down the insurance company.
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Nothing is so heartily than a peace of mind after an accident. It more painful to hunt you insurance company while still nursing the injuries. With a task force or reputable attorneys, your burden should not trouble you anymore. We will never let you die alone in pain, and we shall never let it happen, visit us anytime and any day and get the best services. Our satisfaction is to see you happy from the time you enter out door to the time you leave, we act on your case promptly keeping you posted on the developing issues. Make us your better option. We are the reputable Chicago attorneys.

You are the best client irrespective of your state

Irrespective of your location in Chicago, our services cut across at time. If by any chance your employer humiliates, abuses, threaten or inflict injuries to you, don’t cry or battle the pain alone. We have seen, witnessed and acted promptly in defending the rights of many, let help you now, talk to us now. If your employer is found guilty, rest assured you will bank you fully compensation without further queries. At DeSalvo Law we journey with you, digging deep to the case, in ensuring no stone is left unturned. We are not and not planning to take that path no matter what comes our way, don’t feel less important because you financial status is ailing, we value you uniquely. To date, we take pride of helping all clients without bias, whether rich or not, you are our best client. Welcome.