The Reasons Why Using Multiple Gears is Unnecessary

The one thing that manufacturers especially those who produce gears is the concept of moderation. They have exaggerated the need for producing speed transmission. There is no reason why one should get many a high number of speed in their automobile. Most people argue that the more gears they have, the larger the speed ration. They believe that the higher the speed then the more and better the acceleration and they will also save on fuel consumption. Note that if this is the reason, then getting deep into the matter the additional gears are not the solution. However, people are adding more apparatuses without thinking much about the performance. In fact, it has become more of competition. Below are reasons why getting a transmission with many gears is ridiculous.

More cost

Getting more transmissions means having more materials. To add on to this; you will have to deal with additional parts like the clutch which will need to be stuffed. When you have your system being too complex; you will be paving the way for failing. Finding yourself in a situation where you are no longer legible for warranty, and all the transmission fail, you will have to go through an added expense getting one.
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Making the car heavier
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You might get a fancy packaging, but one thing is for sure the more engines you have, the heavier the car will be. For vehicle weight reduces performance and thus, this is the reason that manufacturers should be finding ways that they can use to make the auto lighter. Extra weight destroys the handling balance which makes driving the vehicle challenging.

The vehicle shifting

The speed engines are made in a style that allows it to learn the different habits of driving so that it can enhance the performance. However, despite this being the case, a slight press of the gas pedal can cause a drastic change. It is not only engineers of these products that know that the more the parts, the more the variables that one has to manage. If you are not ready to deal with this, then you should avoid getting more engine altogether.

Saving on fuel

The one thing that the gear manufacturers claim is that when you have many speeds installed, you will cut on the cost of fuel. Though it is true that the vehicles that use such engines save, but the difference in consumption is minimal. In fact it can be argued since the change is minimal, the cost of the saving could be as a result of other factors like the style of driving, condition of the tires, and the atmosphere. This is the reason that you should think twice before you embark on this venture.