How to Identify Nursing Home Abuse If a family member is placed in a nursing home, take time out and be concerned about the possibility of nursing home abuse. Many people hardly think about this and mostly assume that their loved ones are being given proper treatment and have the close monitoring of staff. In fact, most nursing homes have fewer workers, and they tend to be overworked; this creates a breeding ground for abuse. The first type of abuse common in the nursing homes is the physical abuse. This type of abuse involves battery or assault by an employee on the patient- often the staff has an emotional or mental problem, and they take it out on the patient. It also includes the illegal or unreasonable restraining of the patient. This a form of abuse can also include not feeding or medicating the patient properly. Watch out for any surfacing injuries that cannot be adequately explained by anyone and investigate any allegations of nursing home abuse directly from the patient. Physical abuse is not the only way that patients in the nursing home facilities are abused; there is also the verbal abuse which can be devastating and harmful to the patient’s condition. Notice the actions of your loved ones when you visit them in the nursing home. If a person that is usually outgoing becomes suddenly and noticeably withdrawn and quiet something might be wrong on the side of the staff conduct. You may notice the person starts to behave nervously, becomes unusually upset and scared of people, and wants to be left alone in their rooms. Other times a loving and caring person becomes mean and vicious toward their family, this may be a sign of verbal abuse in the nursing home.
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Another a form of nursing home abuse is neglect. Every the patient needs particular items for their daily living: food, clean clothes, help with personal hygiene, cleaning and grooming products. If the nursing home fails to provide these for the patient’s use then this is considered neglect. If also the resident’s room or any facility inside the home where the patient will be exposed to is unsafe, the resident is neglected.
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Be aware that there are much more severe results that can occur from nursing home abuse. It all depend on the level of the damage. It is frightening and devastating incident when a resident dies under neglectful and unexpected circumstances. Incidences have been reported of patients wandering outside being hit by a vehicle or fell leading to serious injury or death. Also, watch out for a relative in a nursing home residence who has rapid, unusual weight loss which is inconsistency without any known ailment.