VALUE OF SCRAP METAL. information on the high prices of the scrap metals has been hitting the consent of various business investors as they note the ever increasing better prices Most of the industries depend on metals to make their finished products making the demand of the scrap metal to always go high. industrialized countries have been inclining much on the recycling of scrap material to produce metal of high turgidity clamored to the already used materials. In the olden existences, many states had not integrated the value of scrap metals because of the limited application of technology in those days. Nevertheless, technological ability that we can see in the modern society has showed various ways of recycling the scrap metals. Another factor that has been fueling the recycling of scrap metals in that most of the mines that used to provide natural metals are becoming depleted with time. An accurate illustration is the copper metal because in most of the records it has been showing high demand Copper price per pound has been constant at $2.17 suggesting that sales of cooper as a scrap metal is on the increase since most people cannot get copper from the mines because of various reasons For illustration, uncontaminated cooper from the mines has one quality that is has never been used hence are more costly compared to the recycled copper Notwithstanding the difference in quality, most industries would consider the cost effectiveness, as they believe that the quality of cooper does not have differ much similar case is evident in the case of steel as locating pure steel from the mines also proves difficult because the high population increase in cannot survive from the steel produced from the mines. The survival in that concept implies that most of the people that prefer various material made of steel is higher than the amount of pure steel that could be found from the mines. Therefore, finished recycling of the steel, industries get that occasion of producing various products made of steel. In conclusion, the general scrap metal values per pound is high in the current past because most of the businesses using the metals as raw material have come a understanding that they cannot make my product without thoughtful concerns on recycling of the scrap metal. developing economies of the world depend on the recycling of materials that tends to be cheap in the long run. thus, the importance of recycling scrap metal has been on the increase in the recent past.

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