A Guide to App Development

Can you just ensure your app is working? Why not use the what is exploratory testing technique?

Have you been in a scenario where you make an app, want to try it out and end up having some challenges? Well, this is a common phenomenon and it just pulls you away from getting that monopoly million dollar prize, therefore, it is important to ensure that your app is working perfectly, check for bugs before releasing it into the market.

Nonetheless, there are many people who use applications, in fact, it is estimated that around 89% of the people in the world use interesting apps because of either a catchy name or some interesting applications ways, well, there’s always a large market for anything out there, so be assured you will have people buy it.

You know the state of Silicon Valley is this way, if you release an application and it ends up messing up then you ruin your name in the Valley, and that my friend, is a hard thing to come from, so today we will discuss at some of the aspects of testing your app before releasing it in the market.

The User is the first person to consider when making it.

App should always start with the end user in mind, the consumer is the one who will be using the application, and thus the whole philosophy should be targeted towards the consumers and ensuring they buy the product.

So, once you begin testing the app end up sending surveys to your loyal customers, if the app is new in the market, then try to send it to your friends and your friends’ friends, these are the people you should have in mind if you do not have any loyal customers in mind.

Consumers are the end Users, engage them .

If you are coming up with an app then ensure it is an app that anyone out there can use, do not make something confusing that will have your consumers run away to look for other alternative, hence the need to get a good application with an easier interface, gotten what is exploratory testing?

Hence the reason why you need to know what is exploratory testing so that you can use what is exploratory testing is known to make a good application for your clients, it is an easier involvement of an individual tester in the process of testing the app.

Beta Testing is Crucial.

In most cases, the first app will have lots of challenges, you may need to get a good application hence the need to distribute the beta app for people to comment on what they think about its functionality using what is exploratory testing.