Wilderness Survival Tips. Sometimes you might not be able to enjoy life as it has always been and to make it through you need survival skills. Things might not turn well maybe when you were in a camp with your friends forcing you to figure out how to survive. Your safety is not guaranteed, there is no food or water to drink, and therefore you have to sustain yourself in a way that is not new to you. This article gives you some of the survival tips that you can use when caught up in such a situation. For your body to remain healthy you will always require food even in hardship. Food is essential for the body as it is the source of energy and ensure are you are healthy. to get food you will need the skills to identify the plants and insects that are edible. You should have the knowledge about edible plants and insects from their physical properties. Generally, milky plants, hairy plants, bulbous plants, and plants with three leaves are known to be poisonous. Plants in will only provide your body with vitamins and proteins which is not nutritionally enough for your body to function properly. Other nutritional components such as proteins and fats which are a rich source of energy can only be found in insects and animals. Majority of insects are edible including grasshoppers, bees and worms but hunting will give you more food than catching the insects. Your body cannot survive without water, and therefore you should make sure you drink some. In the wilderness water is not abundant, and therefore you should find a way to collect water. The water sources are usually not clean, and you should filter it before drinking. Harvesting of rain water and digging of holes for water to surface are some of the possible sources of water. Purification of water can be achieved by boiling using firewood in aluminum or glass tins.
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To get some warmth into the cold night, cook food and boil water you will need fire. To get the warmth that your body needs you should know how to start and maintain fire. In the absence of a matchbox, you can apply the old means such as striking stones and initiate friction dry firewood. Once you have started the fire should make sure that it does not go off since the process of starting it can be difficult. You should be equipped with herbal knowledge in case you get sick. There are so many other skills that you require such as self-defense, readiness for emergency, how to make clothes and shelter.If You Read One Article About Resources, Read This One