Facts You Should Know About Revenge Pornography

Various experiences have come from the creation of the web, some good and others not the best. Having your naked pictures ending up online is one of the most traumatizing things that could happen to anyone.When someone deliberately takes your nude images or videos to put them on the internet then you are a victim of revenge pornography. Below are some things you might need to know about this heinous act.

It is Outlawed
Revenge pornography is a crime in many states across the USA. That means that if you are a victim of the same, you can quickly report the matter and have the help of the law. Nonetheless, you may want to consider the circumstances and ensure you first have a solid case.

It is a Kind of Sexual Violence
As the name sounds this type of pornography is not consensual. If you post one’s videos or pictures on the internet without their permission, you could get into serious trouble.Even when a person may have agreed to take the photos or videos putting them up without their permission is unethical and sexually violates the person’s rights.
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Revenge Pornography Can Cause Psychological Problems
People who have gone through such harsh experiences can experience a significant amount of misery. When under pressure, people may react in a variety of ways. There are many victims that find it immensely difficult to deal with the event. In fact, several people are known to have committed suicide or plunged into depression because of this. Due to this, one needs to find a therapist to help them with coping mechanisms during the tough time.
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Most Victims are Usually Women
About 90% of revenge pornography victims are females. This is usually the case especially in situations where a woman breaks off with a man who becomes enraged and begins posting explicit pictures online. The tendency to view a woman’s body as an object for has led to more cases of revenge pornography. In addition to this, the cynical act of using sexuality to reduce a woman’s self-worth has also increased the tendencies of revenge pornography. Such things have made women vulnerable to revenge pornography. Revenge pornography is one of those cultural extensions used to exploit the female body. Feminists need to pay attention to this kind of misogyny that does not advocate for respecting the female body.

You may have several options for dealing with revenge pornography; nonetheless, it is better not to send sexual content to people, to begin with.Staying away from sending nude pictures and videos will save you a lot of headache, embarrassment, and money.